• Le Corbier & La Toussuire
  • Le Corbier & La Toussuire
  • Le Corbier & La Toussuire
  • Le Corbier & La Toussuire
  • Le Corbier & La Toussuire

School Le Corbier + La Toussuire

Our school was created with a desire to share our passion for mountainboarding with you in a safe, controlled and fun environment. The EFMB opens the door to a sport that once was elitest, our instructors are highly trained and passionate about the sport and the mountains.

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So you've never been on a mountainboard? Fear not, this course is to help you discover the sport of mountainboarding and the mountain iteself. From six years old to adult the course is great for all.

Mountainboarding is different to skiing and snowboarding, we use a unique breaking system that gives you total control of your speed.

Level 1

So you've completed your first course and now trust your instructor!

What's next you ask?

Our instructors will help you on your first mountain or road descent providing you with an experience never to be forgotten!


Level 2

The park and the easy routes are not enough? Grab your board and head directly to the chairlift or gondola opening up a wide expanse of terrain with descents of many kilometres!