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Mountain BoarderIn July a ski piste was turned into a piste of dirt & rocks ready to allow those that enjoy snowboarding  to embrace the challenges of the high mountains in the summer. Mountainboarding is a hybrid sport derived from snowboarding and skateboarding. Basically the board is a tray on wheels and is made from either wood or a composite structure. Jerome Popp a ski instructor with the ESF in Valmeinier has brought the sport to the mountains of France. He has designed a hydraulic drum brake system for the boards making the sport accessible to people of all levels. Jerome has also founded the French school of mountainboarding. “My goal is to professionalise the sport as a business that is run much like skiing is during the winter by the ESF by creating a brand that is recognised across all the resorts of France”. His entrepreneurial spirit paid off when he won the first prize trophy from the Bank Populaire des Alpes to reward him for innovation in the mountains. Three schools have already opened their doors to mountain board (Valmeinier, Valloire & La Toussuire) and Jerome has trained instructors to a high level in all. The story does not stop there as Jerome continues to look for people interested in starting new schools across the Alps.

Trace - Innovation

Trophees 2009The Savoie awards were created by the local council to honour local people who have created initiatives that have contributed positively to the development of the region of Savoie, France.

Les Trophées de Savoie 2009

Trophee 2007The Bank Populiare des Alpes in France along with the French Union of Ski Instructors gave an award to the EFMB for being innovative in bringing a new business to the mountains of France.

Le Trophée Pull Rouge 2007